DE Rantau


The DE Rantau programme, an initiative under the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, aims to establish Malaysia as the preferred digital nomad hub in the ASEAN region, while boosting digital adoption and promoting digital professional mobility and tourism across the country.

The DE Rantau programme will benefit both local talents and foreign nomads via the creation of a vibrant ecosystem that supports digital nomads. Digital nomads can travel and work remotely across various locations in Malaysia, while having access to stable broadband connectivity and various other facilities and services that support the nomadic lifestyle.


The Monthly Settler (Monthly Pass)

Hot Desk: RM220/pax
(applicable for 1st month of membership only)
Normal Rate: RM320/pax/month 
Fixed Desk: RM300/pax
(applicable for 1st month of membership only)
Normal Rate: RM400/pax/month (Fixed Desk)

Here's what you get when you settle in with our community*:

  • 24/7 access to Settlements co-working area via card access system
  • Printing credits
  • Usage of meeting/discussion rooms and common facilities at Settlements including free flow coffee & tea in pantry
  • High-Speed Internet access (Internet providers: TIME & TM)
  • Usage of lockers (Additional charges may apply)
  • Reception services (during office hours only)
  • Priority access to Settlements events & activities
  • Access to all our Member Perks with various partner outlets

*Terms & Conditions apply.

What you'd need to be eligible for this offer

  • Copy of official letter/documents from MDEC clearly stating your approved DE Rantau status
  • DE Rantau ID No. provided to you by MDEC upon your approval
  • Residential address in Penang during your stay here

Foreign Digital Nomads

Malaysia welcomes digital professionals from all over the world to join the DE Rantau programme. MDEC facilitates your stay in Malaysia via a new digital nomad pass, nomad-ready hubs and specially curated services and facilities to ease your stay for a productive and memorable nomad experience around the country.

Find out how DE Rantau can ease your stay and accommodate your needs and more!

Local Digital Nomads

Malaysian digital professionals are welcomed to join DE Rantau where MDEC facilitates digital nomads with nomad-ready hubs, specially curated services and facilities for a productive and memorable nomad experience around the country.

Find out how DE Rantau can elevate your living and remote-working lifestyle so that you can plan your next move ahead.